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Process Conditions

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Composition of Liquid:

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Slurry Density/Specific Gravity:

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Cake Density (lbs/ft3):

Cake Washing:

Solids Concentration (wt%):

Wash Solids Ratio (wt%):

Dissolved Solids Concentration (ppm):

Equipment Specifications

Wetted Materials of Construction:

Non-wetted Materials of Construction:

Electrical Standards/Specifications:

Equipment Type:
Local PLC      Central DCS

Ancillary Equipment (Cake Conveyor, Feed Pump):

Instrumentation (flow meters, conductivity meter):

Vapor Containment (vapor tight, vapor retaining):

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NFM Equipment Division
12 Winada Drive
Winthrop, ME  04364  United States

Phone: 207-377-2626
Fax: 207-377-2629
Toll Free: 800-321-5223

For Parts and Service:

Mr. Dan Henderson - USA
Cell: 207-450-7964

Mr. Bob Blaisdell - USA
Cell: 804-246-9611

For Capital Equipment:

Mr. Robert Douglas - North and South America
Cell: 513-800-3152


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