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Laboratory and Pilot Scale Testing

From the outset of your project in the laboratory, NFM will design and engineer around the material balance model, to increase the production yield-rate and cake dryness at the lowest wash:solids ratio and filtrate solids. NFM considers every customer process to be unique. In this way, you direct our efforts from the lab bench to the commercialization of the full scale.  With NFM, you will achieve a successful completion of your project.

  • Laboratory Vacuum Filter Leaf Testing with a Buchner Funnel or a 0.1 ft2 Industry Standard Leaf Kit
  • Complete Pilot Systems and Equipment for rent to conduct on-site testing, around 10 ft2 filtration area

NFM Testing Services include the measurement of all important filtration variables:

  • The Separation Objectives and Process Conditions shall be defined by the customer in the NFM Process Questionnaire.
  • The critical physical and chemical characteristics shall be studied such as particle size distribution, densities, and viscosity that will most impact the filtration rate.
  • Performance curves shall then be developed during the testing:
    • Filtration Curve:  Cake Weight versus Filtering Time
    • Dewatering Curve:  Cake Moisture versus Dewatering Time
    • Washing Curve:  Cake Solubles versus Number of Wash Displacement
    • Cake Yield versus Belt/Drum/Disc Speed versus Filtrate Rate

  • The optimum cake thickness that maximizes cake porosity shall be determined.
  • The filter fabric shall be specified that optimizes particle capture with cake release, blinding tendencies, and durability for long service life.

At the conclusion of the NFM Laboratory/Pilot Scale Testing Program, NFM will present a technical report including a material balance model of the separation step.  With that model, formal sizing and design of the commercial filter will be finalized for the customer’s project.

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