NFM Filter Equipment Division

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NFM Filter Fabrics for Vacuum, Pressure, and Centrifuge Separation Equipment

  • Standard and specialty non-wovens and wovens
  • Customized fabrication for good fit and wear
  • Specialty closures such as zipper, heavy duty Velcro, industrial grade clippers
  • High thread count monofilaments
  • Dual weave and dual layer constructions
  • Teflon, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, Polyethylene, Fiberglass, Nomex
  • High abrasion/wear resistance
  • Stable, autoclaved, pre-shrunk, no stretching
  • Fine particle capture,  good cake release

Maintenance Parts and Operating Components

For Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters

  • Rubber Drainage Belts manufactured by NFM Rubber in Salt Lake City
  • Replacement Wear Belts
  • Replacement Wear Tracks, Turcon, UHMW Polyethylene
  • Tail and Drive Pulleys
  • Roller Deck Assemblies including bearings
  • Vacuum Pans and Vacuum Trays
  • Deckles and Lip Supports
  • Support Rolls and Coverings Vulcanized by NFM
  • Feed Slurry Distribution Trays or Boxes
  • Cake Wash Distribution Boxes
  • Self-cleaning Shower Bars
  • Doctor/Scraper Blades
  • Belt Tracking Assemblies
  • Full Automation Controls Loop to control production rate and cake quality

For Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

  • Rotary Valve Bodies, all materials of construction
  • Wear Plates
  • Pipe Plates
  • Bull and Worm Gear Assembly
  • Direct Drive Retrofits
  • Trunnions and trunnion liners
  • Agitator Plows
  • Multi-flex Connectors
  • Deck Grids
  • Drum Division Strips and Sealing Strips
  • Doctor/Scraper Blades
  • Stellite Knife Blades for Precoat Drum Filters
  • Self-cleaning Shower Bar Assemblies
  • Replacement Drum Assemblies
  • Internal Filtrate Piping
  • Replacement Discharge Assemblies
  • Replacement Vat Assembly
  • Rubber lining of Vat Assembly
  • Belt Discharge Edge Trackers

For Disc Vacuum Filters

  • Disc Sectors
  • Disc Segments
  • Center Barrels
  • Center Shafts
  • Agitators
  • Rotary Valve Bodies, all materials of construction
  • Wear Plates
  • Pipe Plates
  • Bull and Worm Gear Assemblies
  • Direct Drive Retrofits
  • And Filter Fabrics


NFM has a dedicated staff of experienced project, process, and application engineers.  NFM Technical Field Service personnel are assigned specifically to the customer’s project.  This ensures an effective installation, start-up, training, performance testing, and commercial optimization of the Equipment.  For example, some of the NFM Field Services include: 

  • Assembly of all modules, frames, and subassemblies
  • Installation and vulcanization of rubber drainage belt if required
  • Installation of all belt accessories
  • Installation of all guides, pulleys, idlers, bearings
  • Installation of cake wash boxes, belt wash box, and other associated subassemblies
  • Installation of frame mounted adjustable cloth support rolls
  • Installation and adjustment of belt tracking assemblies
  • Installation of filter fabric belt
  • Installation of instruments and controls


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