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If your process requires a low cake wash:solids ratio or an ion-exchange reaction during the separation step, NFM has the process experience to custom design our equipment to meet these objectives. 

If your process requires high hydraulic rates, NFM manufactures its own rubber drainage belts in Salt Lake City to ensure the fastest filtrate removal from the filter cake with durable long-lasting mechanical performance. 

NFM offers full automation control loops on all of our equipment in order to ensure a filter cake forming at the target cake thickness, sustaining the highest porosity at the highest production rate.   Our high flow design supports very efficient cake wash acceptance rates, ensuring a thorough displacement of the mother liquor and a complete chemical reaction if required.

We view the Separation Step as an operational tool to manipulate particles in a simple or complex way that can result in new properties. For example, how the particles form the filter cake can affect solubility properties downstream.  Liquid reactants may flow through the solid surface area of the cake particles, rendering the particles more soluble in later processing.

Here is a checklist of a few of the capabilities of NFM Filtration | Separation Equipment:

  • Low Cake Wash:Solids Ratios
    • Design multiple counter-current washing sequences
    • Recycle condensates, belt wash, mother liquor streams

  • Control the optimum cake thickness identified by in-line sensors by automatically adjusting the drum or the belt speed and the vacuum level in different zones.

  • Reduced post separation precipitation with custom designed steam jackets on vacuum lines and pans.

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