NFM Filter Equipment Division

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Technical and Mechanical Engineering

All NFM manufactured new replacement parts and equipment are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the needs of the customer’s application. For example, one of our critical engineering standards is finite element analysis (FEA).

We reference the following codes as guidelines for design and manufacture:

  • Welding – ASME BPVC Section IX
  • Vacuum components & systems – ASME Section B31.3
  • Materials - ASTM standards such as:
    • Carbon Steels: A-36, A-53, A-106, A-366, A-500, A-513, A-519, A-569
    • Stainless Steels: A-213, A-240, A-249, A-262, A-269, A-276, A-312, A-511
    • Corrosion-resistant alloys: B-574 (C276), Duplex 2205
    • Other specialty materials may be selected to suit specific applications.  For example, valve bridge blocks may be constructed from specialty abrasion resistant wear steels.  Valve internals may be hardened by the process of overlaying wear resistant deposits on specific internal surfaces.

  • Electrical Enclosures - NEMA 250-2003

  • Surface Preparations & Protective Coatings - SSPC SP3 / SP6 & 2 coats of epoxy paint to all exposed carbon steel surfaces.

  • Rubber Compounds - NFM has both hot and cold vulcanizing rubber compound capability.  Hot vulcanization is our standard.  Rubber-covered components are carefully prepared, laid up and then autoclaved under pressure, yielding the highest quality finished product.  If required, parts are post machined to the final dimensions and finish.

  • Quality Management System
    • The NFM Quality Management System satisfies the intent of ISO 9001 (2008)
    • NFM manages a quality control program relating first and foremost to the safe operation and safe maintenance of all NFM equipment
    • In addition to paramount safety goals, the customer’s needs, requirements, and expectations are central to providing the NFM process of improving quality
    • Full employee involvement from the NFM division manager to the individual millwright is key to ensuring that each individual’s skills will produce the final quality product
    • NFM manages a quality process that includes the following controls:
      • Control of Documents
      • Control of Records
      • Internal Audits
      • Control of Nonconforming Components
      • Corrective Action
      • Preventive Action
    • Continued improvement in performing to the NFM quality standards is a permanent objective
    • Feedback data and information is analyzed in order to make detailed quality improvement decisions
    • NFM works closely with valued suppliers in order to ensure a consistent and mutually beneficial relationship that results in the reliability of performing NFM equipment
    • Customer satisfaction expectations are clearly defined and tracked in order to achieve continual improvement benchmarks
    • Specialized QC procedures and testing are available and may be requested prior to quoting. These tests include penetrant, x-ray, and helium leak testing.
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